Departments and Employees
South Ural State University (National Research University)
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Departments and Employees
«Tornado SUSU» Supercomputer
«SKIF-Aurora SUSU» Supercomputer
«SKIF Ural» Cluster

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Head of SSL
Natalya Y. Dolganina
PhD, associate professor
Phone: (351) 267-90-06, ext. 108

Deputy head of SSL
Elena V. Ivanova

PhD, associate professor
Phone:  (351) 267-90-06, ext. 111

Assistant head of SSL, programmer
Polina N. Semenihina
Phone:  (351) 267-90-06, ext. 107

Supercomputer Center

Supercomputer center (SCC) was founded on may 26, 2008 as a structural division of South Ural state University. From 1 December 2010 SCC became part of the Supercomputer Simulation Laboratory.

Area of activity:  The main objectives of the Supercomputer Center are the supercomputers administration and software license management. It is also involved in scientific research in the field of parallel and distributed computing and software development for grid computing and supercomputer systems.


Director of the Supercomputer Center
Alexander I. Rekachinsky
Phone: (351) 267-90-06 ext. 102

Dmitry I. Buldakov 
Phone: (351) 267-90-06, ext. 105

Anna V. Seifer
Phone: (351) 267-90-06, ext. 117

Senior laboratory assistant
Roman V. Bilenko
Phone: (351) 267-90-06 ext. 104

Senior laboratory assistant
Yaroslav A. Rogovsky
Phone: (351) 267-90-06, ext. 118

Support and Training Department

Area of activity: The department provides consultation for the users of the applied and system software on solving problems on the SSL supercomputers. It also conducts training courses based on the SSL resources.


Acting head of department
Ostap M. Poponin
Phone: (351) 267-90-06, ext. 103
Senior laboratory assistant
Nadezhda M. Kobzeva

Phone: (351) 267-90-06, ext. 110

Distributed Computing and Embedded Systems Department

Area of activityThe department is engaged in development of software for distributed calculations, embedded systems, mobile platforms, electronic resources.


Head of department
Alexandra A. Shabley
Phone: (351) 267-90-06, ext. 110

Senior laboratory assistant
Artem S. Vorobiev  
Phone: (351) 267-90-06,  ext. 109

Senior laboratory assistant
Danil K. Shvalev 
Phone: (351) 267-90-06,  ext. 109

Data Mining and Virtualization Department

Area of activity: The Department is responsible for research in the field of data mining and virtualization technologies, solutions of practical problems based on these technologies, implementation and maintenance of appropriate software.


Head of department
Mikhail L. Zymbler
PhD, associate professor
Phone: (351) 267-90-06, ext. 112


(in maternity leave)

Natalia O. Ostrovskih
Phone: (351) 267-90-06, ext. 114

Yana A. Kraeva
Phone:  (351) 267-90-06, ext. 113

Senior laboratory assistant
Diana S. Eduardovna

Phone:   (351) 267-90-06 ext. 114

Senior laboratory assistant
Elizaveta A. Latypova

Phone:  (351) 267-90-06 ext. 114

Department of inverse and ill-posed LPC problems

The department is engaged in scientific research in the field of inverse and incorrectly posed problems. Our main task is development of new approaches to the construction and investigation of optimal methods for ill-posed problem solving.


Head of department
Vitaly P. Tanana
Dr. Sci. (Phys.-Math), associate professor

Senior Researcher
Anna S. Ivanovna
PhD, associate professor