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«SKIF-Aurora SUSU» Supercomputer

SKIF-Aurora SUSU Supercomputer

Complex solution of company «RSK» – one of the leading Russian developers and integrators of supercomputers, http://www.rscgroup.ru.

It consists of 736 compact and powerful computing blade-modules with liquid cooling.

Top 500 Rating

The supercomputer «SKIF-Aurora» took the following positions in TOP500:

Editorial Rating Position
June 2011 87
November 2011 121
June 2012 185
November 2012 303
June 2013 471

Top 50 Rating

To help correctly navigate the world of high-performance computing systems and be able to quickly track the development trends of this area, the Interagency Supercomputer Center of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Scientific Research Computing Center of the Moscow State University named after MV Lomonosov in May 2004, with the support of the Russian company T-Platforms, launched a joint project on the formation of the list of 50 most powerful CIS computers TOP50. The list includes 50 computer systems installed in the CIS and showed the highest productivity on the Linpack test by the time the list was published.

The supercomputer «SKIF-Aurora» took the following positions in TOP50:

Editorial Rating Position
30.03.2010 8
21.09.2010 13
29.03.2011 3
20.09.2011 3
27.03.2012 4
18.09.2012 4
02.04.2013 8
24.09.2013 8
01.04.2014 9
23.09.2014 11
31.03.2015 13
28.09.2015 14
29.03.2016 15
26.09.2016 15
04.04.2017 16
25.09.2017 18
03.04.2018 20
24.09.2018 21
02.04.2019 27

Technical features:

Quantity of computing units/processors/kernels: 256/1472/8832
Type of processor: Intel Xeon X5680 (Gulftown, 6 cores with frequency 3.33 GHz)
RAM: 9 TB (DDR1333)
Disk memory: 108 TB, 108 TB, solid-state drives Intel SSD
Type of communicative network: InfiniBand QDR (40 Gbit/s, max. delay 2 µs)
System network: 3D torus
Service network: SKIF ServNet v.4
Network of global synchronization
Accelerators: Programmable FPGA accelerators
Peak performance SKIF-Aurora SUSU + Tornado SUSU: 117,64 TFlops
Performance SKIF-Aurora SUSU + Tornado SUSU on LINPACK test: 100 TFlops
Operating system: SKIF ALT Linux 4.3.2-alt15


Power efficiency

  • Effective cooling: direct liquid cooling on level of motherboards provides much more efficient heat removal in comparison to air cooling.
  • Low price of possession: up to 60% of economy of electric power.


  • Full compatibility with architecture x86.
  • Optimized MPI-2 libraries.


  • Total lack of moving parts in processor units (absence of noise and vibration).
  • Three-level system of monitoring and control.

Fail-safe feature

  • Backup of all subsystems.
  • Mode of «hot» change of equipment.