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South Ural State University (National Research University)
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Welcome to the web site of the Supercomputer Simulation Laboratory (SSL) of South Ural State University. The Laboratory has been founded on December 1th, 2010.

It has an innovative energy-efficient supercomputer «Tornado SUSU» in its' disposition, which is used for solving scientific and engineering problems.

Supercomputer Simulation Laboratory provides fundamental and applied research and developments of innovative character. We can note the following directions of SSL studies:

  • Distributed Virtual Test Bed project: service oriented approach of integration of HPC applications in distributed computing environments on the basis of UNICORE, including problem-oriented workflow scheduling algorithms development. More…
  • S-technology project: high dimensionality linear optimization problem solving for multiprocessors systems with massive parallelism (under the direction of RAS academician I.I. Eremin).
  • The «Omega» project: design and implementation of new methods and algorithms for parallel query processing in cluster systems and Grids. More…
  • The «PargreSQL» (Parallel PostgreSQL) project: implementation of parallel DBMS by means of embedding parallelism and data mining algorithms into open-source PostgreSQL DBMS. More…
  • The Human Body project: technology of creation and use of models of human body for predictive modeling in supercomputer systems.
  • In collaboration with Intel Corporation in SUSU the Center of competence in the sphere of highly productive computer technologies for engineering modeling was established. Educational program «SuperEngineering» works on basis of that center.

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Mailing Address:
Supercomputer Simulation Laboratory SUSU
aud. 108/3g, 87, Prospect Lenina, Chelyabinsk, Russia, 454080
Telephone: +7 (351) 267 90 06
Website: http://supercomputer.susu.ru
E-mail: supercomputer@susu.ru