Connecting to PVC through Windows 7/8/10 with Citrix Workspace(automatically)
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Главная / Система ПВК / Инструкции ПВК / Connecting to PVC through Windows 7/8/10 with Citrix Workspace(automatically)

Connecting to PVC through Windows 7/8/10 with Citrix Workspace (automatically)

Pay attention: You need administrator rules on your PC to install Citrix Workspace

Download archive with Cirtix Workspace from PVC site: <Download>

Use right-click on downloaded archive and click on  «Extract all…»

Extract archive to any folder. For example to you desktop folder Citrix Workspace

Move to extracted files and find file install_citrix. Click on this file using right-click правой and click on «Open»

In OS Windows 10 security system can warn you that launched unrecognized app you need to click «Run anyway»

Confirm installation, click on  «Yes» 

installation will take a little time. And you will not see anything on the screen.If though command line is opened don't close it until you not log in to PVC. After installation appear a window, where you need to write your login and password, that you get after the registration. Pay attention, login should be written in format PVC\your_login

For example:

Domain\User: PVC\User

Password: password

Sometimes, an input window may be hidden behind other windows. Check the taskbar:

After connection to PVC click on» +» sign. You will see a list of all avaliable applications and virtual desktops. Click on needed and it will move to the main screen of Citrix Workspace.

To launch an application or virtual desktop, add it to main window and click it one time using left-click.

All applications, added to main window also added to list in Start menu, where they can also be launched.

In that case if command line is opened close it after installation click «X» sign in left top corner